Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of equipment do you use?
Truck mounted, hot water extrapolation. This is the method recommended by carpet manufacturers. (We also offer the bonnet clean dry method).

How long does the carpet take to dry?
Drying time depends on several factors: the type of fiber and how condensed it is. Synthetic carpets dry between 1 to 8 hours under proper conditions.

What can I do to accelerate the drying time?
Ventilation is crucial to dry your carpet faster. If it is hot outside, then open your windows and turn on your fans—ceiling, furnace, kitchen, and bathroom. If you have central air conditioning, close up the residence and turn air conditioning on. If it is cold or raining outside, then close up the residence and turn on fans and heat.

Are all carpet and upholstery cleaning agents about the same?
No. Cheaper, commonly used cleaning agents have a high ph, which may cause damage to your carpet and cause resoiling. The carpet should be rinsed with a special rinsing agent. Always ask to see the specifications on the cleaning agent being used.

Do you offer carpet and upholstery protection?
Yes. First Class Carpet Service can apply a fabric protector to your carpet or upholstery to keep it cleaner longer. This will also add life to your carpet and upholstery, helping protect it from wear. This service is an additional charge. Ask your technician for a price quote.

Will all the stains come out with the cleaning process?
Most grayish, blackish spots should come out. Unfortunately, “colored stains”, such as furniture stains, air filtration lines (black lines around edges), dye and rust probably won’t come out. These need to be treated through stain removal methods. When we perform the cleaning services at your residence, the technician will pre-inspect the carpet and point out stains that don’t come out in cleaning. The technician can give you a quote on the spot and let you know how much extra it will cost to have those stains removed or treated.

Do you move furniture you are cleaning around?
We offer different price packages on cleaning. Some include moving of some furniture, and some do not. Let us know if you would like furniture moved so we may set you up with the proper cleaning package.

Do I need to leave my house while you are cleaning?
No. Not unless you need to.

Can I walk on the carpet right after the cleaning has been done?
Yes. However, we recommend you avoid high traffic until the carpet is completely dry. Use caution as wet feet may cause slipping and falling.

Any recommendation before the technician arrives?
If the carpet is heavily soiled, we recommend the carpet be pre-vacuumed. Remove any breakable objects, such as ornaments from the area that will be cleaned. If furniture is to be moved, pick up any objects from the floor to be cleaned, such as toys.

There are some areas in my carpet that have wrinkles. What can you do?
Your carpet needs to be stretched. First Class Carpet Service offers carpet repairs and stretching. To effectively stretch the carpet the room has to be completely empty.

Can bleach spots be treated?
Yes. There are two methods to take care of such problems. The first is spot dyeing, which allows us to restore the original color of the carpet. The second is if the bleach has permanently damaged the fibers of the carpet and when the spots are multicolor, or bigger than two inches in diameter. For larger spots, carpet repair is recommended because the spots would not be able to blend in with the carpet’s original color.

There are black lines around the edges of my carpet. Are those permanent?
Those lines arc called soil filtration lines, which are created by soot. Although the cleaning process may improve their appearance, it will not be able to remove them. However, at an additional charge, soil filtration lines can be removed through our restoration methods. To help you reduce this problem, you can use electrostatic filters and check your furnace yearly.

Once the pet urine treatment is completed, will my pet keep marking that particular place?
The products we use to perform pet urine treatment contain a pet deterrent, However, each pet acts differently, so we cannot guarantee that your pet will stop marking that place we treated.

Will cleaning remove cigarette and cooking odors?
In most cases, the cleaning will be able to eliminate the smell only from your carpet fibers. On the other hand, you have to consider that the smell can come from carpet backing or pad. We can treat this with additional services and special deodorizer for an extra charge. Nicotine, tar and cooking odors deposit also onto walls, curtains, furniture and windows.

I have noticed there are furniture stains, dye and ink in my carpet. Will those come out?
Furniture stains, dye and ink are the toughest stains to remove, and usually do not come out with cleaning. In most cases it is possible to remove them with a special restoration process for which there is an additional charge. To avoid the furniture stains it is very important that you do not move the carpet tabs that have been placed by the technician until the carpet is completely dry.

I have a flea problem. Should I get the carpet treated first, or cleaned first?
We recommend cleaning first. You should bring this to the carpet technician’s attention for suggested treatment.

Can you apply a deodorizer to my carpet?
Deodorizer can be applied to your carpet at an additional charge. Talk with the technician about your specific need. He will be happy to tell you which deodorizer is best for that particular odor.

My carpet is heavily soiled. What do you recommend?
For extremely heavily soiled carpets we recommend an additional process with a scrubber, which can be used at an extra charge. Through scrubbing movements, heavily soiled areas are loosened so that they can be more easily extracted.

Is there a travel charge?
No. There is no travel charge. Travel is included in the service.

How long will it take to clean my carpets?
On average, it will take approximately 20 minutes per room. This time can vary greatly depending on the type of carpet, the thickness, how soiled the carpet is, and the necessary prespraying or spot pre-treatments.

Won’t water ruin my carpet?
Modern carpet technology is basically water resistant, and the limited amount of water left in the carpet due to our high powered vacuum leaves the carpets only damp, causing no problem to the carpet.

Why clean my carpets when I’ve heard that cleaning makes it soil faster and shortens the life of the carpet?
Some cleaning agents cause resoiling, some do not. Our advanced and superior cleaning agent helps prevent resoiling. (Dry residue keeps the carpet cleaner longer). This problem refers to carpet cleaning companies who use soap and cheaper cleaning agents, which leave a dirt attracting residue. Most dry cleaning methods leave oil powder particles in your carpet to attract dirt.

Why is the cleaning agent First Class Carpet Service uses unique and so much better for my carpet and upholstery?
Most carpet cleaning agents are similar to laundry detergent, which leave a sticky residue in the carpet causing resoiling and short life of carpet. There is no cleaning agent safer than our cleaning agent.

  • It helps prevent resoiling (dry residue keeps the carpet cleaner longer)
  • 100% soap free. 100% biodegradable. No fillers.
  • Will not strip away the stain resistance of carpeting.
  • Safe for wool. Safe for stain resistant carpets.
  • Ph balanced (8.5)
  • Non-toxic. Non-corrosive. Non-fouling.
  • Non-allergenic. Odorless.
  • Color safe – organic cleaner.
  • Has water softeners (conditioners)

Can I have both my area rugs and the carpet that it sits on cleaned at the same time?
Yes. However, the area rug cannot dry over the wet carpet. After cleaning the area rug must be taken to another area that is dry and clean.

What should I do if the stains that were cleaned reappear?
Although most stains that are removed from carpets do not reappear, deep stains in carpet backing or in the pad may wick back to the surface. If this happens, call First Class Carpet Service for assistance.

How do you guarantee customer satisfaction?
We are happy to work with you to correct any situation that may arise, thus guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Why can’t you give exact time for your appointments?
A recent study showed that companies that put time elements on their employees had high recalls (poor customer satisfaction) and more accidents. A half hour job in most cases can be a three hour job in some cases where the carpet is heavily soiled, needs repairs, dye removal and spot dyeing. We never rush on any job, as number one importance is a job well done properly. Also, we sometimes run into bad traffic problems.