Bleach Spot Dying

We have developed an effective system to restore colours lost because of carpet discolouration. It involves the use of carpet dye sticks or liquid carpet mill dyes for achieving the above result. Colour repairs on almost all types of carpets and upholstery is possible through our cleaning experts.

Possible colour loss situations

Here are the situations in which colour loss from your carpets can possibly occur:

  • Acne medications
  • Chlorine products
  • Old carpet cleaners
  • Pet stains
  • Other chemical stains

Our bleach spot dyeing techniques ensure that all kinds of colour loss situations are overcome. These techniques are effective on all the shades and colours of wool fibers and nylon products. No colour charts or theory is used for this job. We ensure that we do not match or mix different kinds of dyes. Discolourations are always partial and have at least some amount of colour. In case you decide to add colours from an outside source, it will certainly blend with the remaining colour but is unlikely to match. The simple procedure followed by our cleaning experts ensures that the tinkered ratio of primary colours is restored.

Need for experienced dye experts

When you look for bleach spot dyeing options, it is important to choose a company which has several years of experience in this field. Our cleaning experts have performed bleaching techniques for many years now. In fact, our experience helps in tackling each bleaching task as per its merit. We also ensure that your carpets, rugs and upholstery are not damaged in the process.

Use of non-toxic chemicals

Yes, we do make use of chemicals for the purpose of bleaching, and also for general carpet cleaning as well. However, it is ensured that these chemicals are not toxic either for residents or for the environment. We are a responsible company and consider it as a responsibility to use only safe chemicals.

High class customer service

Despite engaging in highly technical cleaning techniques, our cleaning experts always ensure that they keep the basics right. Once you have given us a call and fixed an appointment, they will ensure that they turn up at your house at the right time. You will not have to change your busy schedule for us, as we will do our best to adjust as per the same.

Every customer carries equal priority for us. From the time you give us a call till the time treatment has been completed successfully, we ensure that the entire process remains smooth.