Carpet water removal and drying

Carpets render a sleek sophistication to your home as well as protect the floors from dust and dirt etc. But carpets can also become a headache once they get damaged by water. The length and texture of the carpet is such that no matter how hard you try at home, it will never dry up completely. I have experienced it when I spread my carpet outside in the sunshine for the elimination of bugs and bacteria. But the sudden showers spoilt my plans and my carpet got flooded all over and lastly I called professionals for carpet water removal and drying process.

I tried everything from soaking it up with towels to ironing it but nothing worked. The moisture remained and I could not replace it as it was a gift. I was so worried until I called up professional carpet cleaners, First Class Carpets who told me that the carpet needs ‘Restorative Drying’ to get back the appearance of yore. ‘Restorative Drying’ consists of four stages – Water removal, evaporation, dehumidification and temperature control. Learning about it I thought it would be a long process but they told me that it was a matter of just few minutes for them.

And really, to my relief I got my carpet back clean, dry and soft, in first class condition! That day I decided to always hire professional carpet cleaners for carpet cleaning.

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