Cleaning & Resealing

Cleaning and Resealing in modern homes

Modern day homes employ a variety of materials for flooring in different areas depending on the requirement. However, the one thing common between them is that they all get dirty and damaged with time. Be it the tiles in bathroom, stones in the yard, cement in the balcony or the grout used to hold/seal the flooring; all need regular maintenance.

Here, regular maintenance implies timely cleaning and resealing of the flooring. Cleaning is important because flooring materials are very prone to get dirty. There are ample number of causes for the flooring to get dirty. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Leakage and stoppage of water
  • Rust-marks from edges of iron-made instruments
  • Growth of moss
  • Corrosive chemical (acid or bleach) caused discoloration
  • Spots of paint left behind after painting an object on floor

Other than cleaning, resealing is also important. Resealing is needed when the flooring materials get disoriented with respect to each other, or simply crack and need to be replaced. This situation can arise due to multiple reasons.

  • Dropping of heavy objects on the floor
  • Sealing material leaches off with time
  • Digging up of the land below flooring
  • In case of garage flooring, parking of heavy vehicles regularly

Hence, the requirement for cleaning and/or resealing of flooring arises regularly, and needs to be attended. Obviously, the fast pace of modern life would allow no house owner enough time to take proper care of such requirements. Hence, First Class Carpet Service!

We ensure that our cleaners and repairmen help you attend your floor maintenance needs. We recruit and train some of the most professional servicemen at our company. We provide them with State-of-the-art equipment, which ensure fast cleaning and faster drying of our floor. Also, we ensure that the entire cleaning/repair process leaves behind no odor or filth around your home. Removing tough stains, like that of bleach are a child’s play for us. We ensure that your floor doesn’t just gets cleaned, but also disinfected, to ward off all harmful germs which may attack your family. And, be assured that our cleaning fluids are not going to do any damage to the glaze or texture of your tiles, because they are pH balanced and prevent re-soiling.

Overall, we just want to convey that as far as the maintenance of your home’s flooring is concerned, you need not worry anymore.  We are available to provide floor cleaning and resealing services at very affordable prices.