Excellent Granite Countertops Cleaning Services

After having established a name for ourselves in the field of carpet, mattress and upholstery cleaning, spot removal and deodorizing, Fist Class Carpet Service now brings to you the service of cleaning your granite countertops. Granite countertops adorn the kitchens of a large population. Not only do they add to the aesthetic appeal of the place, but also are less prone to soaking up oils and spills. Thus, they stain less when compares to its competitor, marble. Yet, over the period of time, oil, spices, sauces, food stains, fungus and dirt will penetrate the surface and make the stone look dull and lifeless. Even penetration by water is harmful to the countertop. Rust marks and use of acid or bleaches causes’ discoloration.

Granite and its maintenance

The stone’s surface requires regular maintenance. We understand that in the humdrum of life, the cleanliness of your kitchen counters can take a backseat, yet it weighs heavy on your mind. It is next to impossible, to find some time to spend with the family or relax, then what attention can a countertop expect? But a countertop which is dull and dirty stands out in the otherwise spic and span house. It brings down the overall appeal and makes visitors have an impression about you, which may be entirely untrue. You don’t want your guests thinking of you as a lousy person who neglects his or her household responsibilities.

While products are available to keep the counters intact, such over the counter solutions aren’t the best option for your counter. Strong solvents often eat at the surface, reducing the life of your granite slab. The internet today provides with a number of DIY solutions, but mixing ingredients in the wrong proportion can result in damaged slabs. Add to this the time consuming after care to ensure complete drying, not doing which, could result in water stains. It is then essential to seal the granite top. This helps ensure that it doesn’t get damaged easily and increases longevity. It is imperative to use just the right amount of sealant. Too little or excess of the sealant, both pose various problems. All this almost makes a person give up the idea of granite countertop cleaning.

Since there are various types of stains like oil based and water based, it is not possible for the supermarket cleaner to offer need based cleaning. They are generally a formulation to deal with some of the regular stains. Neither are they stain oriented nor do they offer the ability to deal with the stains caused by some exotic sauces. As granite is a naturally occurring material, the surfaces may vary from countertop to countertop. All this leaves a person confused as to how to deal with the slab in the best way. Leaving it unclean can result in damaged, unhygienic and gross looking countertop, while cleaning it is such a headache.

We understand your predicament and offer specialized and affordable cleaning solutions according to aid granite countertop cleaning.

We use a special solution, based on the porosity of your granite countertops. We first clean away all the debris off the countertops. This allows the surface to absorb the cleaner and give it an endearing shine. We then analyze the countertop and present the cleaning formula which will not harm the slab but effectively remove all stains. Then, the slab is rinsed to get rid of any hard water or remaining solution. A sealant is used to reduce the risk of future damage. Our experts are adept at managing quantities and proportions, thus offer you the best possible service for your granite countertops. All the chemicals used are environment friendly and non toxic, thus ensuring your family is safe even if they come in contact with the chemicals.

Our highly trained staff is extremely comfortable with all kinds of stains. The longer the stains stay, the harder it gets to get rid of them. However, no stain is too tough for us. Competitive prices, high quality services, time observant and an extremely professional staff ensures that our cleaning is nothing short of an amazing experience for you. Thus, it is advisable to call out team of technicians at the earliest to get the most of our services.