Hardwood Floor Refinishing Algona – Essential for Every Home

A house is a place we not only live in physically, but get attached to it emotionally. Gradually, everything in the house starts occupying a place in our heart. There is no denying in this that a house helps in setting your impression in the eyes of others. Perfectly lined stairs, the wall frames, paintings, furniture, the hardwood floor and almost everything adds on to the final look of your house. It is necessary to bring about their maintenance from time to time. So let us now specifically talk about hardwood floor refinishing Algona services provided by First class Service, which are essential for any home


The quality of hardwood differs from place to place and material to material. Now, every material demands a completely different process of cleaning or refinishing. Technicians and workers at First Class Service have the right and the adequate knowledge about what type of methods should be used over what type of a material. We hoard the necessary equipment accordingly.


If you’re planning to bring about a hardwood floor refinishing Algona session in your house, do feel free to contact us for some advice and consultation. Our consultation sessions have always helped our customers make the right decisions.

We come over to your place and carry out a detailed analysis. We understand the material of your hardwood and discuss with you all that shall be needed to screen it or sand it. We are patient listeners to all your problems and issues and are more than obliged to solve them for you.

  • But first, cleaning:

Once our team and of course, you, have settled in, we begin with our task and try completing it without any mess, as fast as possible.

We scrap off all the debris that lies over the surface of your beloved hardwood. We then remove and if necessary, discard the vent covers.

Once the preliminary and essential cleaning is done and all the dirt is collected or removed, we try maintaining the pH of your hardwood floors by simply applying a good – quality wood cleaner.

These steps form the initial stages of our floor refinishing Algona service.

  • Our areas of expertise:

Over the years, First Class Service has mastered all areas and stages that come under floor refinishing. We have introduced effective ways to bring about floor cleaning, polishing, stripping, buffing and even maintenance. Yes, we not only repair but also keep your hardwood healthy by facilitating time to time maintenance.

  • We treat all materials:

The material of your hardwood can be almost anything. If your hardwood floor has been installed somewhat in the 1970s, its material can probably be varnish or shellac or wax, or even urethane. During the consultation process, our technicians check the kind of material so that they gain the exact knowledge about the type of floor cleaner or refinishing method that should be used.

All these efforts narrow towards one main goal – redefining the appearance of your floor and also maximizing the floor surface.

At First Class Service, you never have to regret your decision of choosing hardwood floor refinishing in Algona.