Hardwood Floor Refinishing Auburn

Have your hardwood floors lost its beauty? Do you wish to breathe new life into your wood and restore its allure, elegance, and beauty? Are you looking for the contractor for best hardwood floor refinishing Auburn service?

First Class Carpet Service is here to help you. We are ready to help you to give your floors the attention which they actually require to look their best. We are the premier experts on all things related to hardwood floor in Auburn. We specialize in floor refinishing in Auburn and take pride in delivering a superior standard quality to all the clients irrespective of the depth and scope of the job. Our thorough, attentive and fast approach to hardwood floor refinishing has led us to be supremely trusted by homeowners. We also offer expert installation, cleaning, refinishing, repairs and many more services for your hardwood flooring.

If your hardwood floors need to be repaired and restored or are showing their age, First Class Carpet Service is here to provide simply unparalleled services and to breathe new life into your gorgeous wood installation.


The hardwood floors need regular and routine upkeep to stay beautiful and healthy. Sanding process is involved in refinishing process. Although sanding is an extremely dusty process, we make the use of the atomic dust containment system which is healthier, safer and cleaner process.

First Class Carpet Service utilizes the latest dust collection and mitigation system to ensure non-toxic, dust-free refinishing process for your floors.


Refinishing is the act to reinvigorate, apply a new top finish coat and bring back the beautiful look of properly maintained hardwood floors. Refinishing helps in resolving the small scratches, wear marks, and other damages that may have marred your existing finish.

We are the premier experts in refinishing the hardwood floor in Auburn and take pride to assist you in the complete refinishing process. We take pride in presenting with the very best results to our customers right from stripping away the old finish, to perfectly coordinated finish, to laying on a brand new, to cleaning up your wooden flooring.


Over time, the wood starts losing its quality and lackluster if there are scratches or abrasions. If there are larger damages or wrapping due to moisture damage or holes from the old installation, all will affect the flooring for the worse.

We also provide you with comprehensive repairs to your hardwood flooring to a superior level of quality. We ensure that you are left with flooring that exudes sophistication and integrity.

We do more than just refinishing of hardwood floors in Auburn. Our expeditiousness and experience allow us to make you realize the true value of your hardwood flooring and to provide the best results.

Few reasons to look for First Class Carpet service than any other hardwood service providers are:

  • When refinishing, our methods do not produce any toxic fumes.
  • We use dust-free sanding methods to preserve the air quality.
  • We are a Bona Certified Craftsman.

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