Hardwood Floor Refinishing Burien

A very few flooring materials have stood the test of time as long as wood. The hardwood floor can last for about hundreds or more years if proper refinishing is provided to it. The hardwood floor refinishing provides warmth and relaxed feel. Although granite and natural stone are extremely durable they do not provide warmth and relaxed feel which hardwood offers.

First Class Carpet Service installs many types of hardwood flooring, apart from providing hardwood floor refinishing Burien services. We apply applications of new finish and finish and sand off the existing hardwood floors. The equipment used by us for sanding are fully dustless and do not dirty your homes. We leave your home as clean as before we started our work. We specialize in both water– based and oil– based finishes for floor refinishing. Mostly, water-based finishes are preferred by our customers where they are allowed to stay in their home while the refinishing is being completed.

Advantages of water-based finish include:

  • Non flammable
  • Less yellowing
  • Faster cure times
  • Less volatile organic compounds (VOC) are emitted as gases from certain liquids or solids which are being used. These gases are quite harmful and have adverse health effects.
  • More durable
  • Faster drying time.

We make the use of all the dustless sanding equipment. We ensure to keep your home as clean as possible even during or after the completion of the project.

First Class Carpet Service makes hardwood floor refinishing Burien service hassle free, affordable and fast. The process of refinishing performed by us is quick, clean and is usually completed in 2-3 days and sometimes in just one day.

We are very less expensive than other companies. Everything we use for our standard refinishing process is Certified Green. We make the use of such materials which are safe for the pets and kids.

We also offer a wide range of additional options like dustless sanding and more if your floor has such severe problems that require a more intensive approach. The whole process of refinishing is completed without the lingering chemical odors and mess.

We also provide certain men who clear the area completely, like removes the appliances or other furniture from your home. They make sure that the entire area is cleaned before and after the refinishing process. Our men also place back the appliance and furniture back to their places after the completion of the process.

We also offer partial refinishing if the finish hasn’t completely worn through anywhere and the floor doesn’t have deep gouges. You may require a maintenance coat where we will lightly sand the existing finish and will then apply the new finish right over the top. This process helps you to save about 50% off the cost of full refinishing.

We at First class Carpet Service make sure to provide the best service at a very low cost. You are free to contact us if you find any issues after inspecting the entire flooring job. You are also welcome to come up with your queries any time.