Hardwood Floor Refinishing Des Moines

Hardwood is one of the most practical of all the flooring materials. But over time, the protective finish, especially in heavy traffic areas may wear off. This is considered as the first reason for carrying out hardwood floor refinishing. The hardwood floors are much easier to be maintained that they were originally installed by applying a modern new finish.

The second reason behind the requirement of hardwood floor refinishing in Des Moines is to freshen up the wood finish which has become dull because it was hidden under carpet for several years.

First Class Carpet Service provides you with the best professionals who have the experience and knowledge to give your wooden floors a quality new finish. We use proper equipment to handle the job efficiently. We also prepare the wood to accept new stain and include power sanders to remove the existing finish.

We offer best hardwood floor refinishing Des Moines services on a limited budget.

Floor refinishing test

We first determine whether your hardwood flooring’s finish is simply dirty or shot by trying a simple test. We go to a high-traffic area where the maximum abuse is taken by the finish. Our professional pours a teaspoon of water onto the floor. If beads are formed by the water, then the floor is properly sealed. At this point, stain removal and cleaning are required.

If the water soaks right in and a dark spot is left on the surface, then it’s time to refinish it. If the water takes a few minutes to seep in and the floor is slightly darkened, it means the finish is partially worn, and you definitely need hardwood floor refinishing as soon as possible.

Stain Options

A lot of different stain shades are available. Colour charts are very helpful but what looks right printed on the chart looks different on the surface. You need to consider the species because different types of hardwood floors look different with the same stain.

The stain looks a little different on refinished flooring than on a newly installed wood. Proper sanding helps to accept the stain better. Different stain colours are tried on a sample of the same kind of wood to get an idea of the final result.

The most popular stain options available include:

  • Natural look like bare wood
  • The most popular shade of stain is light because it darkens the grain. It also adds a subtle tone to the wood surface and possesses a slight tan hue to it.
  • Another popular option is medium. It’s darker than the light. Both the wood and grain have a darker pigment that is a medium-brown hue.
  • Dark has a very rich feel and is usually very dark brown.
  • A custom colour refers to any colour apart from sand/brown/tan. It is the best option to choose a vibrant colour for smaller rooms or areas because too much of a non-neutral colour proves to be overwhelming.

After you select the best option of stain for your floor refinishingservice we apply the stain and wait until it gets dries up. We also provide an option to try the stain option in an inconspicuous place so that you are sure enough about the final result.