The Need for Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Federal Way

Everything that exists – living or non – living has an expiration date, even your hardwood flooring. In most cases, hardwood flooring covers the entire house. The house shall probably look filthy and messed up if the floor is not in a good condition. Changing it entirely is an option but an expensive one.

With First Class Service, you can maintain and refinish it conveniently in a cost effective way.

First Class Service has been providing hardwood floor refinishing in Federal Way since many years- 1990 to be precise. We have learnt from our experiences and tried to be better than the previous time.

Eventually, the process of being better than before has landed us up in a state of knowing anything and everything. Our working team is a dedicated one that knows the ins and outs of hardwood floors in Federal Way.

We are aided with definite methods and pre– planned processes to refinish your beloved hardwood without causing any destruction and you can always call us back after 14 days in case you have any complaints. As an apology, we shall work for you free this time.

Federal Way Professional Hardwood Floor Refinish Experts

The materials used by us to deliver hardwood floor refinishing Federal Way services are not harmful chemicals and do not cause discoloration of your hardwood, being non – toxic. We scrap off stubborn stains and camouflage scratches and scuffed areas in a way that your hardwood looks new and perfect.

We know how to deal with the hardwood that comes in the form of tiles, grout and stone. We have specialized methods and materials to deal with the same. Are bugs and insects harassing you and your hardwood? Don’t you worry, we are here. We spray disinfectants that are non-toxic to humans and potential enough to kill and resist bugs, insects, molds and mildew. We have solutions to get rid of the odours these insects leave behind.

Floor refinishing is something we’re known for and we wish to continue the legacy. In the near future, you’d observe us make the process of refinishing an entirely new one. The team at First Class Service is making constant efforts to make the process as mess free as possible to not offer you any extra burden of cleaning or making changes in the house.

Our services excel in both – residential and commercial areas. All our customers are equally important to us. We definitely do not add on to the mess that is produced while refinishing is in progress. We respect nature and preserve it. All materials used by us can be categorised as eco – friendly. To make ourselves and you comfortable, we arrive at the site of work ten minutes before the time allotted.

Hardwood refinishing demands time and we need your support and patience for the same. You need not take the trouble of evacuating your children somewhere else. The materials used by us are not toxic and our team mates take proper precautions to prevent any problems. Usually, we seal the area that we work in.

All we have worked and still continue to work for is your trust. We do everything that it takes to gain your trust and maintain it. As a result, we’re known to be absolutely customer friendly.