Hardwood Floor Refinishing Kent

Do you think the floor of your home is still shiny and sparkling like when you moved in? Quality hardwood floors can last a lifetime if proper care is taken. You actually need to have a semi-regular hardwood floor refinishing.

At First Class Carpet Service, restoring old, worn-looking floors to their original beauty is not just our job, but our passion.

Although hardwood floors look beautiful when installed, they get dull over the passage of time. Water damage, pet damage, wax build-up, dents, scratches and worn-off finishes are some of the major problems associated with hardwood flooring.

First Class Carpet Service, with hardwood floor refinishing Kent service, are able to make the shabby floors look beautiful and get back their original beauty. We make them a source of pride in your residential or commercial areas.

We serve as the best choice for affordable and quality hardwood floor refinishing Kent services.

Floor refinishing services in Kent

Floor refinishing helps you to bring any old and outdated flooring back to life. With our company, you do not need to postpone your floor refinishing job and can undertake it anytime. In the Kent area, First Class Carpet Service is one of the leading contractor team for residential floor refinishing work.

We pay complete attention to all the details like:

  • Hand-scraped corners
  • Custom thresholds
  • Hand-scraping under radiators
  • Hand-detailed staircases
  • Hand-applied stain
  • Sub-floor work
  • Moldings replaced and installed

Why do you need to have refinished hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring provides your home a classic look which looks beautiful and impressive. Over time, the hardwood floors get worn, scratched and scuffed due to regular use. At that time, you start thinking that the flooring needs to be replaced. You forget about the fact that refinishing of the hardwood floors will also help you save the beauty of your home.

Huge investment is involved when you get your hardwood floor replaced. Instead, you can contact us of the refinishing of hardwood floor over a total replacement. This will help you to cut down half of the cost while still having a high-quality and great looking hardwood floor.

Why to choose First Class Carpet Service for hardwood floor refinishing?

Clean air with no dust

With us, you can stay home throughout the whole process, both during the sanding and finishing process. The atomic dust containment system helps you to get rid of up to 99.8% when compared to traditional sanding process. You also do not need to cover anything up with plastic or other materials. Also, the finishing material used by us dries quickly and you’ll be back on your shiny floors in a short interval.

Beautiful and durable finishes

The water-based finishes used by us have high ware-resistance which makes your floors truly strong. The finishes used are also safe for you, your family, kids, and pets because they are very low on VOCs.

First Class Carpet Service strive to make your floor refinishing process as hassle free as possible. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.