Hardwood Floor Refinishing Maple Valley – Simple and Cost Effective

Cleaning floors and upholstery can get messy most of the times. These tasks demand nothing less than a weekend and probably spoil your weekend because you simply cannot have any plans and neither can you rest. Why don’t you leave this “messy” job to First Class Service?

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Maple Valley

First Class Carpet Service has been dedicating its service to mankind with honesty since 1990. We hold a team of technicians and workers who have been taught and then approved to work with us. We work with professionals in a very professional manner. We have been successfully offering a number of deals over our cleaning, hardwood and carpeting services, especially hardwood floor refinishing in Maple Valley.

Years of experience has taught us that we can excel in all spheres and continue with the good work only if we satisfy and keep our customers happy. We keep no other preference except our customers and thus, we guarantee you no regrets post the work and if you have any complaints within 14 days of the work done, we come to your place to work again for free!

Our hardwood floor refinishing Maple Valley services spread wide and far. We quite well understand this that hardwood floors are the best accessory you can gift your home with. It adds elegance and style to your house.

At the same time, it becomes way too expensive to get the hardwood floor work done again and again. Which is why, at First Class Service, you get the finest first class floor refinishing services.

We have expert teams and technology for hardwood floor refinishing, making the job seem likea piece of cake.

  • Technology and traditional methods go hand – in – hand:

Since our birth, that is, 1990, we have constantly upgraded ourselves with the changing methods. Our work goes manual only when we work in areas that indicate “Handle with care”. Everything else is achieved through latest machines and equipment.


We believe that time is previous and our main motive to resort to machines is to minimize the time we take to complete your work. We certainly do not wish for your weekends to be wasted behind a floor refinishing task.

  • Screening:

Previous methods had sanding as one major aspect when the business was refinishing. But, just like mentioned above, we evolved with time and now, we use the method of screening to repair your hardwood floor.

The hardwood floor has to go through a lot. It suffers from scratches, becomes dulls with time and appears scuffed. We use our screening methods to cover all marks and scratches and everything you feel is not appropriate, in a snap. Trust us when we say this, as we leave no traces.

  • Sanding:

Now, there are times when screening cannot be used. These times occur when you have a hardwood floor as old as 30 years and beyond. The floor is an old fashioned varnish or maybe even shellac. The only option here, is sanding. Guess what? We might have moved on with time but definitely did not forget about our roots. We carry put the process of sanding wherever and whenever required.

Call us to get some consultation now. We’re absolutely customer friendly and cost effective. We’d love to make a fair deal with you.