Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Mercer Island – What you need to know?

Many of us have this constant dream of living in a house that is ours. And when we get it, we do almost everything that it takes to maintain it and beautify it. As time passes by, materials undergo damage and repairing the house becomes stressful.

It’s true that finding yourself a company that nurtures your house like their own is difficult. At First Class Service, we do the exact same thing. We nurture and help you in maintaining the house you built with hopes and efforts.

Now, focusing towards hardwood floor refinishing Mercer Island services, we have a lot to tell you about these.

The team at First Class Carpet Service:

We hold a dedicated team of workers and technicians that are trained about the work they have to do. They are recognized as our team member only when they get qualified in these tests. Hence, all our workers and technicians are licensed and qualified enough to carry out the floor refinishing job for you.

Why do you need to reach out for hardwood floor refinishing Mercer Island services?

Hardwood is the dress or cape your floor wears. This dress or cape accessorizes your house. It brightens up the house with unique patterns and simply adds on to the entire beauty. But, not all things last forever. With time, the quality of your hardwood starts degrading.

It comes across scratches, marks, discoloration and many similar factors that degrade the quality of your hardwood. And they definitely do not spare the appearance of the hardwood floor and not even the overall appearance of the house.

The cost of getting a hardwood flooring for yourself varies depending upon the area that needs to be covered, the quality of the hardwood and the pattern you select. Removing all the hardwood setting is another matter of concern that costs much. As a result, the idea of changing your hardwood is an expensive one until and unless you plan for it.

With First Class Service, you can settle for something less which is equally satisfactory to getting your entire hardwood flooring changed. We can help you repair your hardwood in an extremely budget friendly manner. After all, what is the point of opting for a repair session if it costs you the same as a new hardwood floor?

Some notable features:

  • First Class Service uses non – toxic and eco – friendly materials to screen or sand your hardwood.
  • You do not have to worry about children or pets being somewhere in the vicinity of our site of work. Our methods and procedures are safe and secure.
  • First Class Service provides almost all hardwood floor refinishing services that reflect a tinge of modernization and technology in them. We have changed a lot since 1990. These changes are only to benefit our customers more and more.
  • Despite the use of technology and machinery and fixed methods, we charge you reasonably.
  • The working principle behind First Class Service is 100% customer satisfaction. And we work continuously in order to achieve the same.

Call us now and book an appointment with us. We’ll arrive at your place, inspect it, discuss the issues, patiently listen to you and then settle the deal reasonably.