Hardwood Floor Refinishing New Castle

Are you looking for refinishing service providers in New Castle? We at First Class Carpet Service provide the best hardwood floor refinishing New Castle service which you may never have experienced before.

Hardwood floor refinishing is performed when the hardwood floors cannot be made to look great with polishing, cleaning and sand screening. The floor turns black or gray from dampness and the high traffic areas will have their urethane finish worn down. The hardwood floor also loses its beauty due to some other issues like deep scratches, water damage or pet spots.

First Class Carpet Service offers various refinishing services like:

  • Refinishing of hardwoods and softwoods
  • Installation and finishing of unfinished floors
  • Refinishing railings and stairs
  • Polyurethane and sand screening
  • Repairs
  • Rug removal
  • Custom staining
  • Installation of quarter-rounds/ molding

Procedure for hardwood floor refinishing service

We offer the best refinishing service. The following information just provides a general information and a small description regarding the services offered and performed by us on a normal hardwood floor refinishing New Castle project. But the services offered to depend on the desired stain and the type of urethane required.

  • Preparation: We first prepare your home for the project. We completely seal your rooms, electronics, appliances, furniture, cabinets and bookshelves with plastic. We ensure full safety of your things.
  • Firstly, the floors are sanded down to raw wood. We try to remove 1/32 inch of a surface wood.
  • After that, the nooks and holes are filled with the wood filler. Sometimes it happens that the cracks do not get filled because the filler gets to break down. It that case we repair the floor.
  • After that, the floor is sanded twice. This time we use two different grades of sandpaper to achieve a flat and smooth surface.
  • After this, the floor is sand screened to create a smooth and shiny surface.
  • After the sand screening, we coat the floor with two to three coats of selected stain. The stain coats are applied at some interval. After applying the first coat we make sure it gets dries up properly before applying the second coat.
  • The staining process is followed up along with a dry buffing. This is done to ensure an even appearance of the floor surface.
  • Next, the floor is coated with polyurethane. Between each coat of polyurethane, we will also re-sand the floor. We make sure that a long lasting finish adheres to the floors for several years.
  • After the whole process is performed we clean your home again and remove the dirt and dust from all the areas serviced. Although, we make sure that we perform our services with complete safety.

All the activities performed by us are performed with complete safety. We make sure of achieving trust from our customers. You can contact us at any point in time to get the complete details and information regarding our floor refinishing service or any other services you would like to have. And yes, you would certainly love our services.