Hardwood Floor Refinishing Renton

Hardwood floors are robust, but they are not resistant to normal wear from furniture movement, foot traffic or other elements. Bringing the beauty back out of your worn floors in Renton is quite simple with professional hardwood floor refinishing and sanding services from First Class Carpet Service.

Our executives will help you to make your living spaces attractive and comfortable at fair rates. You can easily set an appointment with one of our best consultants even with a busy schedule. You can set an appointment by phone or online, whichever is comfortable for you. We are always available for you with everything you need.

When you find that your hardwood floors have started looking dingy and dull, the first thing comes to your mind is to get it replaced. Before you start making arrangements to replace it, it’s better to consider the fact that proper sanding and refinishing can also help you to overcome such shabby spots on your floors. We help you to get back the high luster and polish of the hardwood floors which had been damaged.

Hardwood floors are very beautiful and involve a great investment. It also requires care so that you are able to preserve its beauty and also the safety of your home for the future. You can have our talented experts and professionals to come to your home and improve the durability and look of your hardwood floors. You will have the best hardwood floor refinishing Renton services. You can call us and find out the best and high quality refinishing and sanding services today.

At First Class Carpet Service, we provide a hardwood floor refinishing Renton service that is minimally invasive and takes your lifestyle into account.

The refinishing process for hardwood floor involves the following process:

  • Firstly, we sand your floors to smooth them out and remove the marks.
  • Secondly, we stain the wood with the color chosen by you. This helps in changing the whole look and feel of your home and can get creative.
  • After applying the stain, our professionals polish your floors with a top coat to add shine to them. It also helps in protecting your floors from scratches and marks.

If you are not sure what kind of stain will look better and what you actually want, we send our experts to your home and show you some samples. Our professionals can even apply some sample to your current floor to find out what and how exactly it will look. We also suggest some great options that will complement your furniture. We also ensure that no damage will be caused to your furniture in the whole floor refinishing process. We will move all the things to a safe location and will seal the room while working so that you are safe from the dust and debris.

Above all, we make use of products that are environmentally friendly with little or no odor.

Contact us today to breathe new life into your wood and restore the beauty, elegance, and allure of the hardwood floor of your home.