Hardwood Floor Refinishing Sammamish

Most homes which were built prior to 1960 have hardwood flooring in all or some areas of the home. These homeowners have now removed carpets from the floors, creating heavy demand for hardwood floor refinishing in Sammamish.

The best part about floor refinishing is that it adds real beauty and lasting durability. We at First Class Carpet Service perform several steps for refinishing.

Step 1

We first remove all the existing base shoe, furniture, and appliances before finishing of the floors. If the areas are carpeted, then you will need to have a base shoe installed around the bottom of the room. The piece of trim hides the space between the base trim and hardwood which is left for the expansion or contraction of your home. Our trim carpenters will arrive your home to remove the existing base shoe and will finalize the measures for the new trim.

Step 2

In older homes, it is sometimes essential to replace the existing hardwood with new wood due to water damage or pet stains. Once the project gets completed, you will be able to find no difference between the existing wood and new wood.

Step 3

Our crews arrive and prepare the home for sanding to begin the sanding process. All the areas and doorways that are not being refinished are covered with plastic sheets. We make the used of dustless sanding where the dust escapes into the room.

Step 4

The sanders first remove the current debris and finish with the aggressive grit sandpaper. Several additional cuts with the sanders at higher grits are made to produce an even and smooth surface. After that, we trowel the floor with wood fill and let it dry. The next step is to buff the hardwood and apply the first coat of finish and tack the floor to remove any debris.

Step 5

For the next step, we will arrive the next morning and will apply the second coat of finish. The third coat of water-borne polyurethane is applied within 4-6 hours after the second coat.

If oil-modified polyurethane is chosen then we will coat and buff on the second day. We will let it dry and will apply the final coat on the third day.

Step 6

After the final coat dries up, our crews will arrive your home and will put your house back together. All the base shoe will be installed, the appliance will be returned to their respective places and the door will be re-hung if it has been removed. Sometimes, we also need to remove the pedestal sink or toilet to complete the project. So a plumber will be arranged by us to reinstall these items but the installation of plumbing fixtures is not covered by us.

First Class Carpet Service offers several options for you where you can protect your hardwood. We provide you with complimentary cleaning kit where you can take care of your floor properly from the very first day. We encourage our customers to enjoy hardwood floor refinishing Sammamish services.