Hardwood Floor Refinishing Seatac – Mending Your Floors

First Class Service is a cleaning and hardwood floor refinishing service providing company in Seatac that covers all areas that come under the broad and wide concept of floor refinishing. We have been functioning since 1990 and since then, we have managed to keep pace with ever – changing technology. At the same time, we haven’t lost our traditional knowledge of dealing with things that go wrong or situations that do not respond positively to our machinery.

We are very particular about the work we do and do not give up on it until it seems perfect or close to perfect. First Class Service works to make things perfect for you and to satisfy you wholly. This has been our agenda since the start and it continues to be the same today. Hence, we are now recognized as an IICRC certified company.

Floor Refinishing Seatac:

Your house stands strong and rigid on the earth. But you stand on the hardwood. This hardwood adds a little extra sparkle to the overall look of your house. And therefore, this hardwood flooring deserves some attention and maintenance.

The team at First Class Service provides hardwood floor refinishing Seatac services. Methods are formulated by fetching out chosen procedures and steps. Methods you haven’t heard of before and methods you’d have a little problem trusting on, initially. But don’t you worry.

Call our team right away. You can talk to us about the service you expect from us. We arrive at your place to take a quick look and then begins our consultation process. In this process, we discuss with you problems we’ve analysed with your and problems with your hardwood floor that we feel should be solved. Our approach is entirely honest and so, we also tell you about the problems that cannot be solved. The latter is, however, observed rarely. Thereafter, we take your suggestions and decisions into account. We see and try modifying our theory that we formulated on the basis of our observations into something that convinces you and is feasible for us too.

We do not make commitments about hardwood floor refinishing that we wouldn’t be able to keep.

Some of our notable services are screening, sanding and recoating.


The hardwood floor undergoes scuffing first. In this process, stubborn stains are scrapped off without causing any discoloration. Then, a coat of polyurethane is painted over the entire hardwood floor. This restores the shine and the overall beauty of the house, leading to hardwood floor refinishing.


This process is a traditional one and consumes a lot of time. Our team doesn’t resort to this process until absolutely necessary. We use this process when we feel that the hardwood is too old to handle the modern methods and equipment. All our methods except this one, are time efficient. However, results obtained after sanding are the most desirable. You just have to be patient with us and we’ll do it for you.


The hardwood is coated to avoid damages and destruction or scratches for at least a couple of years. You might want to ask for a maintenance session but definitely not a repairing one until your hardwood has the coat on it.