Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Seattle

Beauty attracts the eye”, said somebody, someday. Your office, your workplace, your shop, your restaurant and even your house, gets noticed by everyone who visits it. On the other hand, a beautiful, well maintained house opens doors for positivity. It invites good and fresh thoughts and relaxes you.

Imagine a long day at work and you return home only to see a messed up room, a leaking roof or a broken hardwood floor.Wouldn’t the sight itself add on to the tiredness?

The team at First Class Service can help you return to a house that simply looks perfect or at least helps you relax a bit. We provide a pile of services for hardwood floor refinishing Seattle that have been exposed to continuous modifications and changes only to give you the best. This is due to our expertise in the field of floor refinishing.

What causes the damage of your hardwood floor?

It can be anything, ranging from a small bug to your unintentional actions. You can blame the bug but it won’t help you repair it. You can blame yourself but then, we do help you repair it.

Over the period of time, the hardwood tends to develop scratches you have no record of. It starts showing marks and stains that refuse to wear off by simple methods. It is time you called a professional cleaning and floor refinishing Seattle company to your place.

What methods do we use?

First Class Service offers hardwood floor refinishing Seattle services that are performed by professionals and supervised by experts. The methods used by us are a mixture of scientific and technological processes. These processes are facilitated by chosen non – toxic materials specific to specific areas of cleaning or screening or sanding. We use machines almost everywhere to minimize the possibility of manual errors and save time. However, sensitive areas that we feel, might lose their spark when exposed to machines are hand – treated. We do not want you to face any form of losses.

We do not leave any chance for you to complain. We also do not want you to regret your choice later on and we certainly want you to call us the next time your hardwood messes up.


Screening, also known as, buffing, is a process supported by the use of buffer. Under this process, we scuff the flooring. To be precise, we abrade the floor properly. In order to provide a protective sheen or coat, we apply polyurethane for protection. When screening is carried out on floors, an abrasive action takes place. And due to the presence of a polyurethane film, the hardwood floor begins to smoothen up. Hence, it also becomes intact, refusing to leave any sooner than a couple of years.

When we screen floors using our specialized chemical agents, we help the hardwood restore its original shine and appear new.


The team at First Class Service resorts to the traditional process of sanding under special conditions. In case you have a hardwood floor as old as 30 years or from the 1970s and you simply do not wish to discard it because of the emotional value it holds, the application of advanced materials might damage the floor quality. Thus, we gladly switch over to the process of sanding.

We have the adequate amount of knowledge needed to repair and maintain your hardwood floors. Don’t just believe us, call and fix an appointment to trust us.