Hardwood Floor Refinishing Tacoma

Do you live in Tacoma? Do you require hardwood floor refinishing in Tacoma? Then you are at the right place. We at First Class Carpet Service are the best service providers in the nation.

Instead of full floor replacement, you can always spruce up your home with hardwood floor refinishing. It is considered as an affordable way.

We have the best skilled and hardworking workers and crewmen on whom you can easily trust without hesitation. We are one among the trusted brands in the country and offer the best quality, hassle free refinishing. We perform our services with the most advanced equipment, which includes a dustless sanding machine. These which make it easy for you and our workers to work with. We also make sure that you need not leave your home while the refinishing process is being carried on.

We make the use of the top tools which take care of your carpet along with other appliances and furniture available in your home. We make sure that you won’t ever regret once trying our service. We look to build trust among our customers as we provide guaranteed satisfaction.

We have the best experts who are always ready to help you on a single call. You are free to contact us and consult about your problems and experience regarding our services. We make sure neither you nor any of your furniture or appliances are harmed at any cost while performing our services.

Types of finishes available for hardwood floor refinishing Tacoma services are:


Polyurethane either water-based or oil-based, it has a sort of plastic look and is available in various degrees of luster. Polyurethane finishes are excellent for high-moisture and high-traffic areas.


Varnish is also available in a wide variety of lusters, from glossy to matte. If the gloss is higher, the longer will be the durability of the surface. With ages, varnish often darkens.

Penetrating Sealer

Penetrating sealer provides a natural-looking finish to the surface. It brings out the wood’s grains. With ages, it also gets darken. It offers a good protection to the surface especially when waxed.

First Class Carpet Services provides safe, long-lasting and effective refinishing services throughout the United States. We are always ready to fulfill the wishes of our thousands of clients in various areas like Tacoma. We are known for our best use of natural, high quality and safety solutions and products and are leading refinishing service providers.

We deal with dustless floor refinishing process which saves you from the problem of dust. We also make the use of top-notch cleaning machines which clean the hardwood floor along with the carpets and make them dry. In fact, they also enhance durability. We also offer 100% guarantee on our services by making the use of the best array of tools and products available.

We maintain a proper team of customer care experts who are always ready to serve you in the best possible manner. You can call us now to get the complete details of our products and services.