Hardwood Floor Refinishing Tukwila

First Class Carpet Service takes a few days to transform your home with refinishing of the hardwood floor. The floors get transformed to smooth and shiny from stained and scratched. You will be amazed to see what our dustless hardwood floor refinishing Tukwila service does for the amazing look of your home. You will definitely fall in love with our work and will wish you’d done it earlier.

We make the use of dustless floor refinishing process to transform your home. Dust is considered as the biggest fear for every hardwood homeowner who is thinking about refinishing and repair. We at First Class Carpet Service work neatly, efficiently and quickly to repair, sand and restore the beauty of your hardwood floors. While working with us, dust problem is no problem because of the use of dustless containment system.

There is no denying of the fact that a hardwood floor looks amazingly beautiful unless it has lost its shine through wear and tear, age or damage. You can simply revive the look of your hardwood floors with First class Carpet Service. Our qualified team offers the best professionals hardwood restoration and repair along with refinishing, staining and sanding.

How First Class Carpet Service fixes your hardwood floors in Tukwila?

Are your hardwood floors discolored or stained? Has the finish of the hardwood floor worn off? You can simply contact with First class carpet service to get them to life again. We would love to talk to you about your hardwood floor refinishing project if you wish to sand and refinish your floors.

We offer full dustless sanding and re-coating and simple screening of hardwood floors. We are always available to simply patch the damaged areas or can install new hardwood floors in Tukwila as needed. We will also remove and dispose of the carpet if you have them on the floors.

The time taken depends on the typical project undertaken. It includes:

  • The whole process takes only one day if only simple screening and re-coating is done.
  • The process usually takes around 3-4 days if sanding and hardwood floor refinishing is done.
  • It is also recommended that you should also do interior painting at the same time along with refinishing project. The process takes around 10 days where both the interior painting and refinishing work is completed. You should prefer to complete two tasks at once in such a short duration.

The great thing about the working with us is that we have specialist crews who only do floor carpentry, painting, refinishing and other home improvements projects. We also ensure that your project gets completed without any delays and you are provided with multiple experts for every job.

We also offer hardwood floor cleaning and carpet cleaning which are also accompanied with floor refinishing and painting. We also offer new ideas and options for inlay and different stains.

Our custom finishing and staining services for hardwood floors include:

  • Low odor products
  • Custom color options
  • All types of wood products

You will certainly be able to trust us as we offer the best hardwood floor refinishing Tukwila services.