Get Best Results for Hardwood Floor Refinishing Covington

When floors are made of hardwood, we need to refinish it without fail. It is a very common characteristic of hardwood floors to lose the shine and luster. So to get back the previous glow refinishing is the only way left. This can be done either by the process of sanding or by the process of screening. Whatever be the process, the task is indeed daunting and therefore we suggest you leave it to us. We as professionals can do all that is necessary to help your hardwood floors get back their luster in Covington.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Covington

We know when to avoid sanding:

Before beginning with hardwood floor refinishing we always check whether the marks and scratches are shallow enough or not. We also check whether they are present on the coating only or not. If it is there only on the coating, our professional team uses a new polyurethane coating on the previous order to refinish it. For this the process includes a preliminary preparation. This might take a whole day but we believe we owe that much for our own house. Cleaning, rubbing and scraping the floor for adherence of the new coating is the first and one of the most important step.We make sure that this is done as efficiently as possible. After this we start recoating our floors, which takes comparatively a much lesser time.

As per our Covington experts team, a proper sanding must be avoided if possible as repetitive sanding while hardwood floor refinishing causes loosening of the bare wood each time a bit. A floor made of solid wood can preferably be sanded for more number of times but the floors which are laminated that is the floating or glue-down floors are not to be subjected to sanding. These types of floors have a very thin veneer upper layer over the base. We understand this and therefore, we sand it down for not more than three times after which the core base wood gets exposed.

What do we do when recoating doesn’t work?

In many cases we see that we cannot apply recoating as it doesn’t give us fruitful results. If the floors are from the time before 1970s recoating might not give us the desired results. It is because before 1970, for hardwood floor refinishing, wax, shellac or any varnish of old fashioned were used. Any kind of new finish is incapable of adhering to the floors once recoated with wax. In some cases polyurethane may adhere to these old floors but there is high possibility of the recoating wearing out within few months. In these types of situations we usually prefer to undertake a full sanding procedure.

Moreover, if the floor finish dates back in far past before the days of polyurethane we can only opt for waxing. A floor in good and proper condition or a floor which is well maintained can produce the same luster after it is refinished with wax. But our professionals know that coating with wax is less durable and we might have to re-wax the floor within a period of six months. Thus we suggest clients against it while undertaking a refinishing job.

A few things we note before we refinish your floor hardwood:

  • Before starting the hardwood floor refinishing task, our team always checks the condition of the floor properly- how much marks or scuffles are there, has the marks already penetrated the base wood of the floor or not, whether the gaps between the planks are widening or not, whether the hardwood is new or old as some new hardwoods are only few inches thick we must not apply any kind of sanding on it, whether the floor is made of oak or pine as it is much easier to work with such woods where hard woods like walnut and mahogany need much more time.
  • They are always ready with the necessities such as pliers, pry bars, knives, nails, hammer, floor sanders, screwdrivers, edge sanders, box fan, vacuum cleaner, floor buffer, painter’s tape, plastic sheets, bristle brushes, stain applicator, polyurethane, gloves, safety glasses, hearing as well as breathing protection.
  • Sometimes there is a chance of presence of asbestos in the vinyl coated floors. Before beginning the work we advise you to consult an asbestos contractor who is licensed is mandatory.

Some essential tips our experts follow for the best results in hardwood floor refinishing:

  • We use adhesive removers to wipe out the previous adhesive in order to make the work easier.
  • Putty knives with wide blade and the pry bar are used in order to scrape out the trim and molding from walls.
  • We make sure that we remove the dirt as much as we can. To avoid getting messier we close the doors and windows of the room where we are working. Covering up any opening, switch boards and lights with the painter’s tape make things easier for us.
  • We use different types of grits while sanding the floor. It gives better results.
  • We also make sure to use Polyurethane as it takes less time to dry up. So it is recommended for us to use it.

Lastly if not done by professionals the hardwood floor refinishing work can become really messy and completely destroy the look of your house. Therefore it is always recommended to consult only professionals like us for the job as we know how to make your hardwood floors look new once again at the same time taking care that the work is done with as much perfection as possible. Expert opinions and interventions are absolutely necessary for old houses where the hardwoods floors are to be maintained with much care.

Recoating for two years on an alternate basis provides proper protection to the floors. Even when the marks can’t be removed we can make it comparatively less noticeable. In other words, regular maintenance is necessary for best appearance. Therefore, to give back your house and its floors the long lost shine and luster, contact us now and witness us work our magic as professionals.