Carpet Steam Cleaning Tacoma

carpet steam cleaning tacoma

Hello Tacoma! First Class Carpets is here to take care of your carpet cleaning woes! Whether its carpet cleaning, upholstery or flooring, we handle it with complete perfection. So, no need to look around for carpet steam cleaning Tacoma, when you have a First Class Carpet Service way just a call away! We have pertinent solutions for tough stains like Pet urine, Tea or milk or grease etc, carpet repairs all types & stretching tacoma  and various kinds of infections –

  • First Class Carpets Tacoma
  • IICRC Certified Company
  • Skilled Workforce and Innovative Techniques
  • Thorough Cleaning within stipulated Time
  • Stains, Insects and Bad Odor
  • Water Removal, Disinfection and Drying
  • Carpet Repairs all Types and Stretching
  • Home, Office, Industries and Cars
  • Rugs, Mattresses, Upholstery and Floors
  • Quality Carpet Steam Cleaning Tacoma Services at Cost Effective Rates
  • Pet Urine Stain & Odor Removal

Sparkling Carpet Cleaning and Rugs

Carpets are rugs apart from providing cleanliness render a beauty streak to the interiors. But the same carpets become a big burden when they are laden with dirt. But instead of looking for a replacement, just try us. We provide thorough carpet cleaning at nominal rates. You can call us for carpet repairs all types & stretching, stains, or simply cleaning and deodorizing your carpets. Trust us it would be as good as new with the same shine, soft touch and novelty!

Mattresses and Upholstery

We specialize in Mattresses and Upholstery cleaning too.  Mattresses and Upholstery made of tough fabrics and cleaning and maintenance becomes difficult. But we have a team of skilled and experienced workforce that is well versed with techniques of upholstery cleaning. Be it your home, office space or your car seat covers, we are here to help.

Spotless Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring, be it of your home or office, needs proper maintenance. Otherwise it can lose shine and obtain a lot of wear and tear. It should not be cleaned frequently with too much water also or it can damage. We know the art of Hardwood Floor cleaning very well and we have the work force to do the job. So just call us and we will take care of it all!

First Class Carpets has its network spread all over Tacoma! So whether you live in the outskirts or in the center, you can avail our services without any delay. So ‘city of destiny’, choose First Class carpet cleaner Tacoma and make cleanliness your future!