Carpet Repairs & Stretching

Do you have buckles, ripples or waves in your carpet? Wait! Don’t replace your carpet yet. We can help. You can save thousands of dollars and have your carpet look like new. First Class Carpet Service offers expertise in re-stretching, patching, and carpet repair due to flood, burns and pet damage.

After having spent a good amount of money in purchasing carpets, it must pain you to see damage marks on them. Worry no more, as First Class Carpet Service can carry out the best and most satisfactory carpet repairs, stretching & spot dyeing services in your area.

Speaking of areas, we carry out repairs and stretching in places across the South County and King Country in USA. Some of the cities and locations are Auburn, Cascade, Renton, Maple Valley, Des Moines, Fall City and Seattle. We have 27 years of experience in working on carpets in the above areas.

It is expected that over a period of time carpets can get loose or damaged. We walk on carpets, play on carpets, entertain and much more. No wonder carpets get worn and torn. Re-stretching takes up the slack in your carpets and restores them to their original tension. This removes the waves and ripples. We can also re-seam carpet that has come apart as well as repair tears. Burns, split seams, pet damage, holes, tears or other types of damages can also be repaired using expert repair techniques that First Class Carpet Service provides.

Techniques and reasons to stretch

Power stretchers and knee knicks are available to stretch carpets lightly, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much younger the carpet appears after this treatment. The room is usually emptied of all furnishings when stretches are carried out.

Of course, such stretching will not be carried out by us at your own home. Our experienced workers will be adopting this technique to your carpets at their workplace.

When heavy furniture is moved around the carpets, the texture can become uneven. This does not happen during day-to-day wear and tear. In such cases, you will realise that the textures are going bad and you will need to get in touch with First Class Carpet Service.


Worried about a cigarette or an iron burn on your carpet? You don’t need to be, as we have inserts as the perfect solutions. The insert is essentially a small piece of a good carpet, which can be used as a patch to cover up the bad portion.Even though it may not look as good as the original, it will appear better than what was visible earlier.

Losing colours

Do you see your carpet losing its colour as of late? This normally happens when inappropriate bleaches or cleaning agents are used, much in the same way as clothes. Let us know if you face such problems, as we can provide perfect spot dyeing solutions.

Spots need to be limited to the size of a fist. By restoring the colour that was removed from the carpet, we bring your carpet back to its original shade. Once you are with First Class, you will be happy for instant customer service and high quality of services.

We pride ourselves on our expert skill, professionalism and commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Our dedication to your satisfaction means that you always receive impeccable service at a fair price. And best of all, since a loose carpet wears faster than a properly stretched one, First Class Carpet Service’s repair and stretching can add years of life to your carpet and all repairs are guaranteed for the life of your carpet.

So call (206) 935-5222(206) 935-5222 today and get a free quote.