Carpet Water Removal and Drying

Imagine water having suddenly accumulated on your carpet due to flooding. This is a regular issue that is faced by residents living in low lying areas. In a less dreadful situation, there could be a water spillage from a drum on to the carpet. In either case, water needs to be drained out quickly and efficiently. This can be achieved by the expertise of carpet cleaners at First Class Carpet Service.

Our cleaning firm, based around the California area, is capable of a lot more than just water removal. We also have large vacuum machines attached to trucks in order to remove the water. For this purpose, we do not utilise water or electrical power from your house. Such modern machines set us apart from others in this field.

Carpet water removal and drying services are available 24 hours a day, in the case of an emergency such as the one mentioned above. There are certain steps you must take in order to minimise the extent of damage due to water. These are:

  • Try to stop flowing water at its source
  • Avoid walking on the wet carpet
  • Turn off all electrical connections in the vicinity and get rid of equipment in that region
  • Draperies can be hanged to avoid contact with the wet floor
  • Ensure that furniture can be moved into dry areas at the earliest
  • Breakables and moisture sensitive items must be immediately removed from the site of damage
  • Do not use the home vacuum for drying, as it can cause electrical shocks
  • Turning on fans or ACs may spread contamination if contamination has been caused by sewage

Professional grade dehumidifying equipment helps get rid of the water in double quick time. So if you face this situation, all you need to do is give us a call at the earliest.