Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning by Carpet Cleaners in Seattle, Bellevue & Surrounding Areas

The flooring textiles in your facility are an enormous investment. It is important to protect and maintain that investment by keeping it clean and free of soils, debris and bacteria that not only damage your carpet but also can create an unhealthy indoor environment. No matter the size of your facility or the composition of flooring materials, First Class Carpet Cleaner Seattle can help you with all of your commercial cleaning needs. From one-time cleanings to complete maintenance programs for your flooring First Class Carpet Cleaners Seattle is here for you. We will work hand-in-hand with your facility’s maintenance staff to design a maintenance program that will fit your individual needs.

Most commercial carpets are made to be cleaned with very hot water. Heat acts to speed up molecular activity and in doing so, chemical action is increased by a factor of two for every 18 degrees of temperature rise above a theoretical baseline of 118 degrees. So, it can be generalized that the hotter the temperature, the greater the ability for the cleaning process to be effective. Many jobs may look the same when completed. The differences are how clean are the fibers? How much and what kind of residue is left in the carpet? Most residues attract dirt, causing faster re-soiling.

At First Class Carpet Cleaners in Seattle we use the powerful high heat truck-mounted equipment, which produces the hottest water, best cleaning, rinsing, germ killing, odor eliminating and fastest drying. Hot water extraction cleaning does the best job and is the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers.

Our special cleaning agent, with the advanced unique blend, helps prevent re-soiling (dry residue keeps the carpet cleaner longer).

So, for the best possible job with satisfaction guaranteed, please call our carpet cleaner Seattle office today!