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Having cleaning issues with your carpets? Want to get back the quintessential shine of your carpets back? We are here to help! First Class Carpet Service is just a call away for carpet cleaning Federal Way! Whether you live in the center of the Federal Way city in Washington or around it, you can obtain our services without delay! We provide top quality services at economic rates.

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Professional Carpet Cleaner Federal Way

Carpets are certainly one of the most beautiful parts of the furniture. But It is extremely difficult to clean the carpets with the common cleaning methods used at home. But nothing can be done as the kids and domestic pets will not stop from making mischief! Spilling of milk and tea, ugly patches and pollution can spoil the texture of carpet. Here the only thing which can help is professional cleaning!

So do not look for options, just call us and be assured First Class Carpet Service will become your choicest for carpet cleaner Federal Way forever. Wherever you live in Federal Way, call or contact us and give your carpets another streak of life!

Treatment of Pet Stains, Bugs and Bad Odor Removal

Pet odor elimination is the biggest challenge for those who love their pets but can’t tolerate their smell and stain on their expensive carpet and other furniture items. Usually, pets find carpets the best place to relieve. They tend to mess up the floor whenever you turn your back. All this can end up on ugly stains and horrible smell. If you are also dealing with the same issue and you have tried everything but you can’t throw out that odor and marks, call us!

Here at First Class Carpet Service, we specialize in cleaning carpet and various other furniture items in the most effective way. With years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge, we are capable to cater to all your cleaning and pet odor removal Federal Way needs in the best effective manner. Our experts know how to remove the odor and stains without affecting the quality, color and looks of the carpet.

It is important to fix the issue as quick as possible. Call our professional carpet cleaner Federal Way expert whenever you detect any smell or stain on your carpet. It will help our experts to handle the situation quickly and more effectively. We are a professional carpet cleaning service provider and understand your concern regarding health and safety of your kids. We proudly use safe and certified products to make you assure about safety and convenience of your family.

Call us now to know more about hardwood floor cleaning and pet odor removal Federal Way services. We are available 24*7 to resolve all your queries. Share all your needs and specific conditions with us to get free price quote.

Once you trust us for pet odor removal or upholstery cleaning , there is no need to be concerned about anything. Our experts will be there at your place and will remove out all the stains and smell along with your stress.

Also we do know that pet stains are not as common as food and beverage stains on your carpets, doormats and rugs. You might happily enjoy a pizza while sitting on the floor watching TV and unknowingly, drop a bit of cheese onto your carpet. This not only results in a stain but also in very bad odor to the room and, invites all sorts of pests and rodents such as mice and rats. Now, you wouldn’t want that, right? Our experts at Federal Way employ the most industrial and safe techniques in removing these stains and ensuring your carpet looks good as new. So, what are you waiting for?

At First Class Carpets, we have the skilled workforce and the technique to clean your carpets in the best possible way, without harming even the minutest fiber. We have expert solutions to eliminate the tough stains, bugs or mites as well as remove bad odor from the texture. We take care that quality of the carpet stays unharmed during the cleaning.

Water Removal and Drying

Water is probably the biggest cause of damage when it comes to carpets. There is usually a high chance you may drop a glass of water or juice onto your carpet and it is a pain to remove it by yourself, not to mention, ineffective.

Soaked carpets become dull and lose shape. It begins to smell and spoils the appearance of the room. In addition it can be dangerous for health as fungus and other bacteria may form moulds on them. But not to worry as First Carpets knows very well how to treat soaked carpets and in very less time! We have a four way Restorative Drying system which consists of Water Extraction, Water Evaporation, Dehumidification, Temperature control. These are all state of art techniques employed by our team after doing extensive research on the various processes of water removal off carpets and other materials such as comforters, mattresses, rugs, etc. We ensure that your carpet is not only dried in the safest way possible without loss of quality but also that your carpet is returned almost new. This way your carpets are dried completely without any harm.

We, the professionals at First Class Carpets, can proudly boast about the fact that we provide user-friendly customer services which employs industrial techniques which are also home friendly. After treating your materials such as carpets, mats, rugs, etc we also ensure they do not carry around any strong detergent or chemical smells and fumes, as they can be harmful and toxic especially for underage children. Using our natural detergents and other eco friendly substances, the materials given are sent back in the perfect way. So what more are you waiting for?

Call us today for professional assistance!