Hardwood Floor Cleaning

hardwood floor cleaning

Hardwood floors are a lifetime investment that can add warmth and elegance to your home. Hardwood floors should be cleaned and maintained once or twice a year for lasting results. Our professional hardwood floor cleaning technicians have the skills and knowledge to clean, buff and wax your wood floors to prevent moisture and heavy wear which creates nicks and scratches. First Class Carpet Service can return your wooden floors to their original glory and shine in no time.

First Class Carpet Service also specializes in floor cleaning, stripping, sealing, polishing, buffing and maintenance. Whether you have varnish/shellac, wax, or a surface finish (urethane), our technician will examine your floors to determine the type of finish placed on the wood to use proper wood floor cleaner or hard floor cleaners to improve the appearance of your floors and maximize the floor surface.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Consultation

Service begins with a thorough analysis and consultation. Next, we prepare your floors by removing any surface debris and vent covers. We will remove most furniture. Please ask our knowledgeable technicians if you would like furniture moved or further requests so they can assist you with the best cleaning package for you.

As we clean your floors, dirt and excess cleaning solution is trapped and extracted. We then restore the PH balance of your floors by applying a professional-grade wood cleaner. This process extracts any loosened dirt and contaminants that were left behind. Lastly, before we go, our company gladly supplies information on how to properly maintain the elegance of your wooden floors.

First Class Carpet Service strives on excellence and we are confident that we will provide top-grade hardwood floor cleaning service to restore the beauty of your wooden floors. Please call (206) 935-5222  or (206) 935-5222 today and receive a free quote on the services rendered for hardwood floors.