Carpet Cleaning Mercer Island

What’s Up, Mercer Island! Carpet Cleaning woes troubling you? Indeed, we can understand how you feel living in a beauteous lake area with a filthy and smelling carpet inside your home! It can be immensely distressing! But worry not! Carpet cleaner Mercer Island is here to help you. We, at First Class Carpet Service have a wide range of carpet cleaning services for your offices and home. Whether you have dirty carpets, rugs or leather upholstery, dirty and greasy hardwood floors or bacteria infected carpets, just call us for carpet cleaning Mercer Island.

Carpet Cleaning Mercer Island

We are here to provide complete solutions!

  • First Class Carpets Mercer Island
  • IICRC Certified Company
  • Skilled Workforce and Innovative Techniques
  • Thorough Cleaning within stipulated Time
  • Stains, Insects and Bad Odor
  • Water Removal, Disinfection and Drying
  • Carpet Repairing and Deodorizing
  • Home, Office , Industries and Cars
  • Rugs, Mattresses, Upholstery and Floors
  • Hardwood Floor Cleaning
  • Quality Carpet Cleaning Services in Mercer Island at Cost Effective Rates

Carpet Cleaning and Rugs Mercer Island

Carpets and Rugs render beauty and grace to a room. And they become even more important when your exteriors are so beautiful! But lack of proper maintenance and ignorance can slowly have its effect on the carpets and rugs. This said, we are a trustworthy Carpet Cleaner Mercer Island and we have the advanced techniques as well as the workforce to eliminate the dirt and bring back the shine and softness of your carpets and rugs. We eliminate the Pet Odors and grease from the surface of your carpets gently without harming even one fiber of your carpet. And you get renewed carpets, with long lasting perfume. So waste your time worrying, call us –

First Class Leather Upholstery

Leather furniture does give a rich magnificence to your interiors. But it can also bear wear ‘n’ tear if not properly maintained. And leather upholstery catches dust more easily as compared to other fabrics. But with carpet cleaning Mercer Island services by your side, is there any need to panic? We provide comprehensive cleaning for your leather upholstery. We have a team of experts which is well versed with the cleaning techniques and can carry out the job with perfection.

First Class Hardwood Floors

Looking for options for Hardwood Floor Cleaning Mercer Island? We can imagine Hardwood Floor cleaning is giving you tough time. Not only it spoils the appearance of a room but the dirt, grease and bacteria make it unhygienic also! But we are carpet cleaner Mercer Island and we not only clean the carpets but we are experts in cleaning the floor as well. We clean the surface thoroughly and polish it to make it sparkling clean for you! How much the dirt or pollution, just contact us!

First Class Commercial Carpet Cleaning Mercer Island

Cleaning of your commercial premises is a gigantic task! It is essential to protect your workplace from pollution caused by free soil, debris and bacteria etc. It gives birth to unhealthy environment. We are known for carpet cleaning Mercer Island and commercial cleaning is one of our special features. No matter the size of facility we are here to help! We have the power equipment to carry out the carpet cleaner Job efficiently in Mercer Island.

So whether you live near the Luther Burbank Park or School or anywhere else in Mercer Island you do not have to lose your sleep over dirt or debris, just call us. Contact us and keep your carpet as gleaming as your surroundings!