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carpet cleaning newcastleHey Newcastle! First Class Carpets has brought for you a wonderful solution to your carpet cleaning problem. Rather we are the solution! We are one of the leading Carpet Cleaner Newcastle. We provide various carpet cleaning services including hardwood floor cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning. We understand that carpets and rugs are most precious part of the furnishings which provide grace and sophistication to a room. But the same carpets and rugs can spoil your interiors when dirty. In addition, they can be a source of diseases. Therefore, no need to wait or ignore it, we are here for carpet cleaning Newcastle!

First Class Carpets Newcastle
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Thorough Cleaning within stipulated Time
Quality Services at Cost Effective Rates
Stains, Insects and Bad Odor
Water Removal, Disinfection and Drying
Carpet Repairing and Deodorizing
Home, Office , Industries and Cars
Rugs, Mattresses, Upholstery
Hardwood Floors
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Carpets & Rugs Renewed

Carpets and Rugs are really an important part of your interiors. But when it comes to cleaning, we try to avoid or ignore the task due to their texture and length. But the truth is that the rugs and carpets laden with dirt and filth just make the room ugly and invite diseases as well. Therefore, we cannot ignore it anyhow! And why ignore it when you have a professional Carpet Cleaner Newcastle? We have the workforce as well as the power equipments for carpet cleaning, removal water, pest removal, carpet repair or bad odor removal etc. All the work is carried out gently without harming even one strand. And all this, at nominal rates! So call us –

Clean & Fresh Mattresses & Leather Upholstery

Your mattresses, we know provide most comfort and coziness. But the same comfort can come loaded with dangerous diseases if used unclean! Yes, keeping it clean is indeed a gigantic task due to its length! The same with Leather Upholstery which catches dirt very easily but why browse for solutions when you on the right page? Along with carpet cleaning Newcastle, First Class Carpets also have the expertise to clean your mattresses and leather upholstery with utmost perfection. We do not take much time so just call us –

Shining Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring indeed provides elegance to your room, whether at home or at the office. But once they become dirty, they are no less than ordinary! First Class Carpets is well versed with the techniques of cleaning the Hardwood Flooring. We are not just a Carpet Cleaner Newcastle, we are cleaning agents! We do the job within the required time and give you clean, stainless and polished flooring which you can admire for a long time! Just call us –

Comprehensive Commercial Carpet Cleaning Newcastle

The cleaning of commercial spaces is very often a headache. The large industrial plants and laboratories and garage etc are difficult to clean. Cleaning the grease, stone, debris, grout and tiles can become a herculean task. But we are here, First Class Carpets, to take up the burden. We can make it sparkling clean to work with an uncluttered mind. Whether it is your garage or workplace, simply call us –

These days, “Keep your surroundings clean” is a very popular campaign and very right also so get on with you plan in this New Year. Whether it is carpet cleaning Newcastle, pet odor removal or commercial cleaning, we are ready to give you the best solutions. Contact us and keep your castle sparkling clean!

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