Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

In today’s day and age, tile and natural stone have gained popularity and so has the cleaning challenges. Soil is easily absorbed into the grout and settles into the pores of the hard surface. Our mission? To gratify customers with our exclusive service and superior tile and grout cleaning results.

First Class Carpet Service provides distinctive tile and grout cleaning services in Federal Way, Seattle, Kent, Tacoma and around designed to enhance and protect your business or home’s health and appearance. Normal every day foot traffic spills and use of improper cleaning products will ultimately result in undesirable looking grout. Surprisingly, harsh cleaners, though improving the appearance initially, can strip away sealants and even open up the tile or stone.

This makes it easier for dirt, grease and soil to penetrate deeper into the surface. Ultimately, mopping becomes less and less effective as the grout attracts soil and discolors. Whether your floors are ceramic, Mexican tile, porcelain, marble, travertine, granite, slate or terrazzo, the amount of work required to maintain your tile floors’ beauty and keeping the grout clean requires effort and knowledge.

You could scrub on the tile all day long, but the problem everyone has is getting those grout lines cleaned. At the end of the day your tile remains the same as when you started hours ago.

First Class Carpet Service offers a convenient, no hassle alternative to hours of hands and knees scrubbing with a toothbrush. Our powerful hard surface cleaning system will safely remove built up dirt and grime and make your tile and grout surfaces become radiant once more, saving you valuable time and money.

Once you have clean tile grout, a sealer can be applied. Since sealers are a latex based topical application, they help to prevent the everyday stains and ground in dirt that wears out your floor’s grout over time. Grout sealing helps protect your grout’s pores and will buy you extra time to clean up spills, and makes it easier to clean grout. A good quality sealer, applied properly, gives your grout a fresh new look.

Professional Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

First Class Carpet Service has trained and certified technicians in the application of these products and offers the best option for protecting your tiled floors. Contact First Class Carpet Service and get your free quote today.

Natural stone is increasingly being used around the world, and this can be seen in both homes and offices. Though the stone provides a gorgeous finish, it is usually quite difficult to clean. Particles of dirt and dust tend to accumulate between the stone crevices. With the help of superior services from First Class Carpet Service, we can meet the toughest tile and grout cleaning challenges with ease.

Over several years, floors tend to lose their shine. You may be getting scrubbing and mopping done on a daily basis, but this is usually not enough. Grout is highly porous and takes all the debris and dirt within itself, and so mopping only gets rid of the surface soil but not the embedded dirt. Such dirt can be removed only by First Class Cleaning Service.

Advantages of our tile and grout cleaning services

Our cleaning services do not simply get rid of the dirt on tiles and grout. They have other advantages as well, such as:

  • Avoid the expenses of complete replacement of service floors
  • Floor tiles last longer since the debris can weaken them
  • All kinds of floors are covered here, such as ceramic, travertine, limestone and porcelain
  • Ceramic and porcelain tiles are cleaned by us, along with baths, countertops, kitchens and other tiled areas

Providing customer satisfaction is of prime importance to our company. Our cleaning experts ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final results. In case of any discrepancies, the task can be repeated again a number of times.

There are advanced floor cleaning machines which can easily scrub floors. We understand that cleaning floors with hands can be quite difficult, and messy. Our machines help in restoring proper lustre and shine back to your floors.