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Fabric & Upholstery cleaning kentFirst you and the upholstery/furniture cleaning technician will evaluate your furniture’s needs. Every item must be treated differently. Second we’ll decide what will be the best approach for each piece of furniture, and tell you why. Each manufacturer recommends a specialized cleaning method, and best of all, you, the customer, will know up front what we can and can’t do. This way there are no surprises.

Cleaning carpets and upholstery is an integral part of every household. First Class Carpet Service provides a wide range of upholstery and furniture cleaning services in Kent, Seattle, Renton and surrounding areas. Take a look at the carpets we treat before and after treatment, and you will notice the difference.

Water extraction is the process of removal of majority of water from the carpets. For this purpose, we deploy truck-mounted units and powerful vacuum pumps. Several gallons of water from the carpet can be removed in a jiffy with this unit. Our trucks do not make use of electrical power from your home, so you need not worry.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Kent, Seattle, Renton

If you have a pet at home, the process of cleaning carpets and upholstery can become a little tougher than usual. There is every chance of a stain accident taking place, resulting in foul odor. You may get an inkling of this odor from sofas, beds and just about everywhere else inhabited by the pet. You need not take stress- just summon the car interior fabric & upholstery cleaning Kent services and we shall be there to take care of the rest. Just ensure that you give us a call soon enough after the stain, or else it might dry up.

Let us put an adverse situation in front of you- flooding. In the event that you reside in a low lying area, there are many chances of floods taking place. When the house gets flooded, everything including your upholstery gets soaked in water. In such a situation, you will need an efficient water extraction system, and this can be achieved through our state-of-the-art machines.

In today’s busy times, let’s face it- most people do not have time to clean their own homes, and it often is very expensive to have domestic help. Our upholstery cleaning kent services will surely be of help. Call us today for more information.


Furniture comes in various types of fabrics. It is important that we determine what type of cleaning method to use. If the wrong cleaning method or cleaning agents are used, they may ruin the fibers and possibly the entire piece of furniture.

All of our upholstery technicians are certified, which means they have gone to school and passed the test on upholstery cleaning.