Spotting Guide

Carpet Care Spotting Guide

Easy to use home remedies for removal of the most common spot problems.

This information is given for those who want to try to remove spots on their own. If you are not comfortable with any of the procedures listed, you may contact us at (206)-935-5222 (206)-935-5222 (253) 520-6788 (253) 520-6788 (425) 226-8610 (425) 226-8610. We will be happy to come out and attempt to remove them for you. To avoid damaging your carpet, follow the instructions below exactly. Do not use these procedures on upholstered furniture as spot cleaning can easily damage certain delicate fabrics.

Remember that with any spot or spill

that occurs, TIME is of the essence.

Immediate action and removal will yield the best results.


1. Use a spoon or a dull knife to remove all solid materials.

2. Blot up liquids with a clean, white
dry towel. Never rub, scrub or brush the carpet as this can cause excessive wear and permanently damage the carpet fibers.

3. Work from the outside to the center with larger spills.

4. Apply all cleaning agents to a white towel.  Never apply directly to the carpet, as this can damage the backing if too much is used.

5. Use the steps and solutions in the cleaning code in the order given until you no longer see improvement, then
proceed to the next step if the spot remains.

6. Always use white distilled vinegar as the last step before rinsing if you have used ammonia during the process, even if the spot is already gone. Vinegar (lowpH) neutralizes ammonia (high pH) and is a safe product to leave behind. It is not necessary to neutralize vinegar,

7. Rinse the last cleaning solution you’ve used by spraying with clean water and blotting one area with a clean, dry, white towel. You may use a wet/dry vacuum to extract out excess moisture prior to the towel if you have one but this is not necessary.

8. Once you have removed all visible stain, place a dry towel over the area.    Then place a heavy colorfast

object, such as a waste basket with a weight inside, on the towel. Leave overnight. Continue this procedure by replacing the wet towels with dry ones until the area is nearly dry. Remove the weight and towel, then gently brush the carpet fibers with your hand to lift the tufts. Allow the area to completely dry before walking on it.


A= Ammonia solution. Mix 1 Tbs of non-bleaching, non-sudsing ammonia in 1 cup of lukewarm water.

V= Vinegar solution. Mix equal parts of white distilled vinegar and lukewarm water.

MSR= Master spot remover. All Purpose Carpet Spotter or mix 1 tsp of white dish detergent and 1 cup of warm water.

VAC= Dry vacuum

DCF*= Dry cleaning solution such as Goof-Off. [Extreme Caution – see step #4]

NPR= Non-acetone, non-greasy nail polish remover. [Extreme Caution –see step #4]

FCCS= CALL FIRST CLASS CARPET SERVICE FOR ADVICE, QUESTIONS OR AN APPOINTMENT AT (206)-935-5222 (206)-935-5222 (253) 520-6788 (253) 520-6788 (425) 226-8610 (425) 226-8610

Always wear rubber gloves and work in a well ventilated area.


Alcoholic beverage – MSR, V

Bleach – V, FCCS

Blood (dried)-A, MSR, V

Blood (wet) * – MSR, V

Carbon, Graphite, Toner – VAC, MSR

Chewing Gum – DCF, MSR

Chocolate – A, MSR, V

Coffee – V, MSR

Cosmetics – DCF, V

Crayon DCF, MSR, V

Excrement – MSR, V

Furniture polish – DCF, MSR, A, V

Grass – A, MSR, V, FCCS

Glue(white) – MSR, FCCS

Grease (food or other) – DCF, MSR

Ice cream – MSR, V


Juice* – A, MSR, V

Medicine – A, MSR, V

Mud – VAC, A, MSR, V

Mustard – A, MSR, FCCS

Nail Polish – NPR, V, FCCS

Paint(latex, wet) – MSR, FCCS

Paint(latex, dry) – DCF, FCCS

Paint(oil, wet or dry) – DCF

Rust – MSR, FCCS

Shoe polish DCF, MSR, V

Soft drinks – A, MSR, V

Tea – V, MSR

Urine – V, MSR, FCCS

Vomit – V, A, MSR

Wax – Heat with a hair dryer until it

glistens, blot with a dry towel. Repeat

until gone.

Wine * – A, MSR, V

* – Flush with cool water first

Complete Spot Removal Guide is copyrighted by the Carpet & Rug Institute and all links are directed to their website.


Spot Solver

No one likes it when there is a spill on the floor, but with the help of the CRI, it can be cleaned before becoming a permanent part of the carpet. The information listed below will prepare you to properly deal with spills and keep your carpet clean for years to come.

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