Carpet Stain and Dye Removal

A stain is something that does not come out in general cleaning. Paint, rust, furniture dye, fingernail polish are just a few of the various types of stains. Our technicians have been to school for training on removing carpet stains and use a variety of 100% hygienic chemicals to remove all stains. However, stains that have been improperly treated or cleaned are more difficult to remove and there would be an extra charge to remove them. We seem to get most all of them out.The technician can give you the exact price.carpet stain and dye removal

Always consider it as a good idea to hire a professional stain and dye remover for getting rid of stains at home or office. We at First Class Carpet Service have the knowledge to remove stains both from carpets and from other upholstery. As mentioned above, stains that have been allowed to remain for a long period of time become very difficult to clean.

Our prices are very competitive

When you avail professional carpet stain and dye removal services from us, you can be assured of competitive rates. Prices charged to you will be among the best in the market. At the same time, we will ensure that standards of service are maintained.

A professional cleaning company such as First Class Carpet Service takes great care of its customers. It ensures that the cleaning professionals come to your house as per the scheduled time. The job is completed as per the promised amount of time. By virtue of being friendly yet professional, customers are able to trust our employees easily.

Use of environment friendly chemicals

There is no doubt that tough stains can be removed only with the help of chemicals. However, we make sure that only non-toxic chemicals are used for this purpose. Children and pets are not under any kind of threat if they happen to touch these chemicals.

All kinds of spots on carpets, rugs and upholstery can be removed with the help of these chemicals. This includes stains of candy, blood, soda, juice, coffee, honey, jelly, lipstick, mud, rust, urine, wine and many more. We understand that accidents can take place from time to time, and when stain-producing accidents do happen, we are just a phone call away.

Our experts aware that every stain is unique. However, that does not mean that different chemicals are needed for each and every carpet stain and dye removal process. There are certain chemicals which can remove a number of stains. One particularly tough strain is that of urine. With small kids and pets in the house, such accidents can possibly occur in different parts of the house. In case you are majorly busy and simply do not have time or the inclination, hiring a professional company for carpet stain removal in this case makes great sense. Over a period of time, you will learn to live in a more relaxed manner, knowing that professional help is easily available. Do remember that the more you tend to delay removal of such stains, the tougher they tend to become, so contact First Class Carpet Service at the earliest.